Visiting the Best Vacation Destinations in Europe

Have you ever been to Europe? If you have not, then you are pretty much dreaming of having a vacation there someday and for those who have, are probably planning for their next visit. It is not surprising why tourists feel this way. I myself am dreaming of touring Europe one day. In fact, I have my list of the best vacation destinations in Europe just in case I was lucky enough to finally be able to go there.

First on my list of the best vacation destinations in Europe would definitely be Paris, France. They say that “all roads in France lead to Paris”. I would definitely like to confirm if it is really the case. The best way would be getting in top of the Eiffel tower for my eyes to see what the scenery of Paris from the top of the tower. Afterwards, I will tour the Louvre Museum for various collections of antiques and see the painting of Mona Lisa.

The next on my checklist will be Italy because in such a country there are many tourist destinations. In fact, my second, third and fourth favorite sites can be located in this country. My second would be Rome. I like this place because of its architectural designs and historical significance. The buildings like the Coliseum which was used by the Roman Empire to showcase their gladiator’s valiant fight in the arena. The Vatican which is a historical and seat of power for Christian Catholicism is just neighboring Coliseum. The third destination would be Venice, the “City of Water”. I would like to explore Venice by using a Gondola boat as my lover and I cruise through its waterways. It is most definitely a lover’s paradise. If you want to experience the renaissance period then without a doubt you should not leave Italy without going to Florence which is my fourth favorite location.

My fifth itinerary would be to go to London. I would love to hear the Big Ben ring its bells as Clock Tower hit midnight and to watch while the Tower Bridge rises up while there is a ship crossing. To ride on top of London’s Eye, a gigantic Ferris wheel, to view from above the city of London.

The next destination would be Barcelona, Spain. To experience the Spanish culture while walking along La Ramblas, a well renowned place for its cafĂ© and superb shops that offers good Spanish delicacies and cuisines. They say the Spanish dialect is a language of love. Learning a thing or two of Spanish like, “Me Amore”, would be an added bonus.

Being one of the oldest civilizations that greatly influenced our society today, I think Athens deserves to be on my seventh must see destinations in Europe. It would be nice to look back on where it all started, to explore the remnants of its magnificence. The Greeks vast culture is really something to marvel upon. Their philosophers like Aristotle, Plato and many others help develop our way of thinking through their philosophies. They gave us spectacular stories of their gods and goddesses through their mythology. Until this day we still marvel their great stories.

When touring Europe it is worthwhile to rest a bit in my eight favorite destinations which is Amsterdam. They have very affordable hotels and the sweets and delicacies are marvelous.

The last two places I would like to visit before I end my journey are definitely Stockholm in Sweden and Berlin in Germany. Stockholm have a very rich history and culture and the solstice is something to look forward. The last would be to visit Berlin the capital of Germany.