Tent Camping For Beginners – A Short Guide

For some, camping is almost a simple, natural exercise. For others just the thought of camping terrifies them. For many the definition of camping is staying at the Motel 6 instead of the Raddison. The thought of no concierge service is frightening. Nevertheless, each year there are those who venture out and give a camping a try for the first time.

In modern society camping has taken on many faces. All of us have seen the 40+ feet motor homes/buses driving down the highways with cars in tow. These are followed by the truck campers, and the travel trailers. Many people do not consider this to be camping but more akin to having a portable condo and parking it in the woods. I tend to agree with that in some instances.

Tent Camping is what I would consider to be real camping. Sleeping out in the open air, cooking over an open fire, and if you want a seat, grab a log or rock.

To be quite honest with you tent camping is not necessarily something you should just go out and try. It takes some forethought, planning and preparation to ensure that your trip will not only be enjoyable but safe as well.

The ideas here are just general ideas of what to expect and what to watch out for when going camping. The basics of what you’ll need when you go camping can be arrived at by simply looking at your daily routine.

Sleeping – At home this includes a bed, pillows and linens. Arising in the morning it may include a dressing gown, or robe and slippers. Oh, don’t forget the roof over your head. The roof can be solved with a tent, which not only will keep out the weather, but also keep out the insects that can plague you at night. The bed, pillows and linens can be replaced with a sleeping bag, pad and inflatable pillow. The robe and slippers may have to go, but you should take footwear you can easily put on.

Bathroom activities – Don’t overlook this aspect of camping. If you’re camping in a campground, usually toilets, sinks, and showering facilities are provided by the campground. Be prepared for a walk to get to these. No, do not shorten the walk by taking that campsite right next door to the facilities. You won’t appreciate the extra noise or possibly the smell.

Time to eat – You could just go with cold food, but I like my morning coffee and a hot meal in the evening as a minimum. Cooking can be accomplished in 2 basic ways. Open fire cooking in wilderness settings (not usually allowed in campgrounds) or using a gas camp stove. The gas stove is fast and convenient, but not very useful if you have to carry it very far. The open fire cooking is fantastic for wilderness settings but is a bit slower with more work involved rounding up and cutting up firewood. Oh, by the way, it may be called open fire cooking but you normally cook on the coals not the flame.

Attire – This is not the time to worry about fashion and style. Comfort is the number one guideline here. Be absolutely sure you wear comfortable durable clothing. If you’re going to be working around an open fire the clothing should not be too loose. Footwear should be very comfortable to walk in and you must keep your feet dry. The final consideration is warmth. Be sure to take along enough clothing to keep warm in the evening and early morning as it will be cool.

Well now you have some general ideas of what tent camping is all about and what you’ll need to take. However, this was only a general guide, I strongly suggest that you get a true camping guide before you venture out. It will make your little adventure a lot more fun if you’re properly prepared and equipped. On that note, I recommend this guide. The Beginner’s Camping Guide. Take a look at it and decide for yourself.

Make Money From Your Adventure Travel (Part One)

What if you could not only cut the cost of your next adventure vacation, but turn a profit from your travel as well? Even better, what if you could turn your adventure travel into a high-income business?

If this sounds too good to be true, let me just say that many people do this every day. Yes it takes work, and planning and persistence (the very things required to succeed in any endeavor in life) and don’t expect to get rich. But you can expect to become a high earner and get paid to travel the world – not a bad way to live if you ask me.

There are many ways to make money when you travel, but for now I am going to focus on the big three: 1) Travel photography, 2) Travel writing, and 3) Importing items abroad to be sold on online auction sites.

In this first article, I am going to concentrate on travel photography.

Digital cameras have revolutionized the world of photography and have opened the doors of profit to average people.

  1. With digital cameras, you do not have the expense of film to buy. Aside from the obvious benefit of lowering your costs to enter this field, no films also means you can practice your skills over and over again. Take a look at the photos shot by teenagers on their camera phones that they post on their blogs. You will see some very advanced skill levels on these blogs. In years past, these skills would have taken years to acquire, but with digital cameras the learning curve is much steeper.
  2. Another advance in digital photography is the fact that they can now be displayed, sold and transmitted online. An amateur can set up a small website to display his or her photographs and be in business over night.

But what kinds of photos are most saleable to the adventure traveler? Here is a brief list of ideas I came up with, but you should not limit yourself to my ideas. Study magazines like National Geographic or other travel publications and look at what subject they buy and publish.

What to photograph when you travel abroad, in order to sell your pictures later:

  • Children. Take lots of pictures of local children. Show their activities, play and what they have to deal with in their lives. Don’t take pictures of sad or impoverished, third world children unless you are a photojournalist with a news organization. And even then, don’t expect to sell many of these pictures. Instead, try to find, smiling, and happy children. If you can capture these children at play or engaging in activities unique to their local customs, all the better. Happy children sell photographs.
  • Beaches. I am assuming of course that many of your buyers may be in the travel industry, so you can well understand how saleable beach photographs are.
  • Scenic wonders. The more natural beauty you can shoot the better. If you can take a picture of the wondrous, multi-colored sunset, or the sharp spires of rock formations just off the coast, you will have some very profitable photographs.
  • Dangerous local activities. For the same reason we rubberneck at a traffic accident in the opposite lane, people are fascinated by pictures of someone kissing a cobra, wrestling a crocodile, running through streets full of angry bulls or balancing on a tightrope. If you see such dangerous activities, take a picture.
  • Local customs and local costumes. Readers of travel magazines are interested in what makes the people in other lands different from our own neighborhoods.
  • Historic places. Photographs of the peaceful fields where the battle of Waterloo was fought, the ruin of an old medieval castle, or even the grave of Jim Morrison all hold fascination from a historical perspective.
  • Tourist activities. Just the opposite of local customs, these activities are meant to entice tourists to come to enjoy sports like parasailing, or shooting through jungle trees on a zip line. If someone might be influenced by your picture to make travel plans to this place, you should be able to sell the picture to some publisher.
  • Nightlife. Tourists don’t want to go to bed at eight when they are on vacation. Take pictures of the places they can go to and things they can do when they visit this destination.
  • Places to shop. Another category of pictures that can entice visitors. After all, everyone wants to bring home a souvenir when they travel. Let your photograph show them where.
  • Unusual signs. These are more common than you think, especially when someone with limited English is trying to communicate to travelers. Signs also give local flavor and add humor.
  • Local foods. Can you take pictures of some of the exotic foods that are prepared in this destination? If your photograph looks scrumptious, it is saleable.
  • Animals. Nothing sets the scene of a local place better than indigenous animals. If you can capture the animal’s beauty, your photo will be valuable.

In part two we will discuss how to make travel writing a profitable business you’re your next adventure vacation. And in part three, we will discuss importing products from overseas to be sold online through auction sites like eBay.

COPYRIGHT © 2006, Charles Brown. All rights reserved.

MLM Success Tips You Can Use Today

Looking for the MLM success tips that will guarantee you results?

Most likely you were told about Multi Level Company (MLM) by one of your friends, a person you work with for or maybe someone approached you at y our local walmart and asked you if you would be interested in making some additional income. The thing is, without the proper knowledge, your chances of succeeding are pretty slim to none in this game of internet marketing.

Today there seems to be a lot of MLM companies showing up left and right on the internet, you may have known of a leader that was helping you out and then suddenly left for another company or they are still in your company but disappeared off of the face of the earth. I know how it is, it has happened to me before. I’ve been involved in MLM companies and they didn’t even last a year in the making and bam back to the J.O.B right?

Last week, I was on a call with my mentor and I have been seeing a few people on the team over complicate things. They do this by finding garbage internet of some sort of secret tips that will help them get promoted from 0 – 5 star platinum just buy purchasing their eBook or what not, so I decided to write about these MLM Success Tips to guarantee your success on the internet.

You have to remember though, that in the end, it all comes down to YOU. Nobody else will make it for YOU. You have to do this for yourself.

The internet can confuse you with all the internet marketing jargon, auto responders, Aweber, SEO, abcdef. lol you get the point.
Some people may know a lot about this, but for a newbie, it can be intimidating. Especially today with the help of technology, new terms come and go, some marketing tips come get outdated as they come out and it seems like if you don’t get into the next ground floor biz opp, your chances of MLM success are non existent

Here I will show you the 3 most important MLM success tips you need to know PERIOD!

MLM Success Tips that have helped me.

Answer these 3 questions and you will have the advantage over the average and you will not sound like those other people that just pitch how great their opportunity is on there face book wall. Full of company jargon and hype. I’ve been there and done that. All this does is get you eliminated and banned from your friends. Thankfully I learned from this experience and like to share my successes with others.

These questions are key ingredient when starting your online biz op, whatever it may be, you need to know this before joining your next gig. So pay close attention!

MLM success tip #1) Who is your target audience?

Focus most of your time finding the right people you want to target, this will greatly help out vs trying to target everyone and their mom. Ex. You can’t sell the best hammer and screwdrivers to a hair stylist and I can’t sell a carpenter the best hair color product line right? No matter how good or even free the offer may be, they just aren’t interested.

So, here is what I recommend you do, Sit down and write out who your “hungry fish” is. Who your audience will be, because they are the ones that will be able to relate to what your are selling them or showing them how to do what ever it is that you do.

MLM success tip #2) What do they want?

What are these people wanting to buy? Think just like the customer, or in this case the “hungry fish” what kind of stuff do the do they like to eat, what do they like to purchase, what would they like to learn? This makes everything a lot easier for you. Here is an example, when I first started fixing PC’s on the side, I didn’t even think of this at all. I just simply placed some ads for computer virus removal, pc cleanup and repair.etc. I failed because of this, If I knew what my customers really wanted vs selling them just the average service they can get from a teenager down the block. People either wanted a faster pc, a safer pc, a pc where they can download their memories on, I would have had a chance of succeeding.

Last week as stated earlier, I was on a conference call with my mentor and he gave some example to the team of what they were doing wrong. He gave a few examples of some commercials, but here is one you can check out.

Look up Harley Davidson commercials. He the proceeded to say, ” tell me at the end of the commercial exactly how much horsepower the bike has, how much torque, how fast does it go to sixty..etc” I think you get the point. The commercial never said anything about the details of the bike, it just said what you would get if you owned one. Go to you tube and find a commercial and study it. Listen to what they talk about and do the same for your biz, whatever it may be.

MLM Success tip #3) How can you motivate this target audience to act now?

If you have done the first two parts correctly, then this part is easy. I say that because you already know the type of people you are offering a product to and what they like to buy. Think about what will get them to buy today what you are selling now.

Will they get a discount, an exclusive pass if they get to buy today, will they get treated like VIP. In other words think, if you were on the other side trying to buy x product, what would make that product worth your time and be something that will have you tossing and turning at night if you didn’t buy it or if you missed that exclusive special that was offered if you got in early.

These are the crucial steps you MUST have and you cannot go past these simple MLM Success tips. They are crucial to any business online and will you will have the advantage over the average person that pitches on Facebook why “THEIR” company is the best. Be different.

Cesar Tapia

Innovations in Summer Camp Custom Apparel

Traditional Camp Wear

We all remember the fun of summer camp. The memories of making new friends to spend the long summer days with. These memories bring back thoughts of summer camp custom apparel. Most camps offered the traditional cotton blend t-shirt, with the camp logo emblazoned across the front. It was a keepsake that would serve as a conversation piece, or advertisement of your summer adventures. As campers, you would pair this with gym shorts for the perfect camper uniform. If you did not go to camp, surely you belonged to some type of youth group or summer sports team. Many of these also promoted the team spirit and unity concept with the traditional summer camp apparel.

New Innovations

Whether for camp, youth groups, ball teams or cheer camps, summer camp custom apparel has changed. There are still some t-shirts that are made of the cotton blends, but the new camp shirt of choice is 100% polyester closed mesh wicking. This shirt wicks the moisture from your body, creating a more comfortable cooler outdoor experience. No more sweat stains dripping down the front and sides of your cotton shirt. The shirts come in a variety of styles. The polo styled shirts offer top stitched set in sleeves and a three button placket. They also offer a team jersey, or game day sports shirt in the same fabulous wicking materials. These shirts come in a variety of attractive colors and are easily screened with the logo of your choice. Pair these with the zip up hoodie sweatshirts and a pair of custom shorts or sweats for those cool summer mornings.

Creative Product Offering

Take the summer camp custom apparel to the next level and offer matching customized headbands, socks or even towels. How about team bags? There are many to choose from. Nothing says team unity more, than your logo emblazoned on their gear. The items are reasonably priced and are easily screened. Just make sure to contact a screen printer who has the ability to and interest in creating unique custom apparel. Only your imagination, will limit the potential that you have, to create that perfect season. Get busy, the season will be here before you know it. You have choices to make and ordering is the easy part.