Great Cruise Ship Destinations You Should Know About

Choosing a cruise destination can be difficult since the number of ports grows every year as the cruise industry expands to include private islands, exotic locales and cruises marketed to everyone from wine fanatics to mountain climbers. Keep reading to learn about some of the world’s most popular cruise destinations and other lesser-known hot spots that you should know about.

Africa Cruises

Whether you’re cruising along the Nile, through the Suez, over to Morocco or departing from Cape Town in South Africa, African cruises are an amazing way to experience the mystery and culture of Africa along with the luxury of cruise travel.

Some companies offer cruises that run from Cape Town to Lisbon or Cape Town to Kenya, making stops along the African coast line for safaris, winery excursions, cultural exhibits and on-shore tours.

Alaska Cruises

Growing in popularity every year, summer Alaskan cruises are a beautiful way to take in the majestic beauty of Alaska along with active shore-side and port excursion options.

Swim on board the ship as a glacier floats by. Go whale-watching or sea kayaking for an afternoon while your spouse enjoys a game of golf on board. During the too-short Alaskan cruise season of five months, almost a million passengers pass through each year.

South Pacific Cruises

From Bora Bora to Tahiti to Moorea, South Pacific cruises embody romance and a taste of the exotic with private beaches, French cuisine and Polynesian culture.

While families and children crowd ships plowing through the Caribbean, adults can be treated to a truly fabulous South Pacific cruise.

European and Mediterranean Cruises

European and Mediterranean Cruises are a wonderful way to see Europe without taking on the highways, rental cars or train systems of the continent. In one trip you can visit Spain, France, Monte Carlo, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Morocco, Turkey and a number of Mediterranean islands.

You’ll take in everything from the beauty of Nice and Cannes to the glamorous casinos of Monte Carlo to the history of old Athens. Typically, European and Mediterranean cruises also attract an adult crowd, though some family options are available.

Southeast Asia and Far East Cruises

A lovely and easy way to see exotic cultures and destinations, many Southeast Asian and Far East cruises make stops in locales like Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Japan and even China.

With guided shore excursions, you’ll get the full experience of each culture. For your next cruise vacation, you need to look beyond the basics of the Caribbean.