Are You Harming Your Dog with Their Dog Food? Health Concerns Stemming from Commercial Dog Foods

Do you like eating foods laced with preservatives, fillers and potentially dangerous chemicals? I’m going to take a safe guess and say no–but most dog owners serve this to their beloved pets every day.

Death Due to Dog Food

Commercial dog food health concerns are being raised as more and more people are exposing the potentially harmful practices of commercial dog food manufacturing. On Friday March 16th a major dog and cat food recall was announced by Menu Foods, the company that makes 48 brands of pet foods including Iams, Nutro and Eukanuba pet food. The Menu Foods recall was announced after it was discovered that 10 dogs and cats died and an unknown number affected from kidney failure as a result of eating these pet foods.

Do you know what’s in Your Dog’s Food?

The truth is many commercial dog foods have ingredients that would shock you.

Your Dog’s Food Could Contain:


Rancid Animal Fats

Diseased or cancerous meat


Sodium Pentobarbital used to euthanize animals!

Yes, I’m sorry to tell you but dead animals could be in your dog’s dinner bowl. According to author Ann Martin, author of “Protect Your Pet” and “Food Pets Die For” it is a common practice that euthanized animals are routinely rounded up from veterinary clinics and sent to processing plants to become your dog’s food.

Now tell me–would you knowingly feed your beloved pet this type of food? Of course not! But commercial dog food health concerns stem from the fact that the manufacturers don’t have to tell you what happens to the meat before they get their hands on it.

Discover How To Feed Your Dog a Healthy, Life Enhancing Diet

The key to providing dog food health benefits is to feed your beloved pet the nutrients and vitamins they need–without the preservatives, fillers and tainted meat. Just as you take care to cook healthy meals for you and the rest of your family, you can easily create healthy recipes for your dog. Making homemade meals for your dog isn’t expensive, it isn’t difficult and it will dramatically improve the health and well being of your dog.

On the days that you may not be able to “cook” for your pet you can substitute a safe brand of kibble. You will have to study up on your pet food labels but there are a precious few commercial dog foods on the market that are designed with your pet’s health in mind…but you need to read those labels to be sure you’re giving them the correct brands.

Feed your dog a healthier, chemical free diet and they will:

Have stronger immune systems

Suffer less skin conditions

Better all over health including less chance of heart conditions and kidney failure

Live much longer

If you have a dog you know what a cherished member of the family they become. What you may not know is that you may be putting them at risk for disease and a significantly shorter life span every time you serve them their dog food. Health and happiness for your dog can be as simple as taking the time to learn the truth about commercial dog foods and learning how you can better feed your four legged friend