MLM Success Tips You Can Use Today

Looking for the MLM success tips that will guarantee you results?

Most likely you were told about Multi Level Company (MLM) by one of your friends, a person you work with for or maybe someone approached you at y our local walmart and asked you if you would be interested in making some additional income. The thing is, without the proper knowledge, your chances of succeeding are pretty slim to none in this game of internet marketing.

Today there seems to be a lot of MLM companies showing up left and right on the internet, you may have known of a leader that was helping you out and then suddenly left for another company or they are still in your company but disappeared off of the face of the earth. I know how it is, it has happened to me before. I’ve been involved in MLM companies and they didn’t even last a year in the making and bam back to the J.O.B right?

Last week, I was on a call with my mentor and I have been seeing a few people on the team over complicate things. They do this by finding garbage internet of some sort of secret tips that will help them get promoted from 0 – 5 star platinum just buy purchasing their eBook or what not, so I decided to write about these MLM Success Tips to guarantee your success on the internet.

You have to remember though, that in the end, it all comes down to YOU. Nobody else will make it for YOU. You have to do this for yourself.

The internet can confuse you with all the internet marketing jargon, auto responders, Aweber, SEO, abcdef. lol you get the point.
Some people may know a lot about this, but for a newbie, it can be intimidating. Especially today with the help of technology, new terms come and go, some marketing tips come get outdated as they come out and it seems like if you don’t get into the next ground floor biz opp, your chances of MLM success are non existent

Here I will show you the 3 most important MLM success tips you need to know PERIOD!

MLM Success Tips that have helped me.

Answer these 3 questions and you will have the advantage over the average and you will not sound like those other people that just pitch how great their opportunity is on there face book wall. Full of company jargon and hype. I’ve been there and done that. All this does is get you eliminated and banned from your friends. Thankfully I learned from this experience and like to share my successes with others.

These questions are key ingredient when starting your online biz op, whatever it may be, you need to know this before joining your next gig. So pay close attention!

MLM success tip #1) Who is your target audience?

Focus most of your time finding the right people you want to target, this will greatly help out vs trying to target everyone and their mom. Ex. You can’t sell the best hammer and screwdrivers to a hair stylist and I can’t sell a carpenter the best hair color product line right? No matter how good or even free the offer may be, they just aren’t interested.

So, here is what I recommend you do, Sit down and write out who your “hungry fish” is. Who your audience will be, because they are the ones that will be able to relate to what your are selling them or showing them how to do what ever it is that you do.

MLM success tip #2) What do they want?

What are these people wanting to buy? Think just like the customer, or in this case the “hungry fish” what kind of stuff do the do they like to eat, what do they like to purchase, what would they like to learn? This makes everything a lot easier for you. Here is an example, when I first started fixing PC’s on the side, I didn’t even think of this at all. I just simply placed some ads for computer virus removal, pc cleanup and repair.etc. I failed because of this, If I knew what my customers really wanted vs selling them just the average service they can get from a teenager down the block. People either wanted a faster pc, a safer pc, a pc where they can download their memories on, I would have had a chance of succeeding.

Last week as stated earlier, I was on a conference call with my mentor and he gave some example to the team of what they were doing wrong. He gave a few examples of some commercials, but here is one you can check out.

Look up Harley Davidson commercials. He the proceeded to say, ” tell me at the end of the commercial exactly how much horsepower the bike has, how much torque, how fast does it go to sixty..etc” I think you get the point. The commercial never said anything about the details of the bike, it just said what you would get if you owned one. Go to you tube and find a commercial and study it. Listen to what they talk about and do the same for your biz, whatever it may be.

MLM Success tip #3) How can you motivate this target audience to act now?

If you have done the first two parts correctly, then this part is easy. I say that because you already know the type of people you are offering a product to and what they like to buy. Think about what will get them to buy today what you are selling now.

Will they get a discount, an exclusive pass if they get to buy today, will they get treated like VIP. In other words think, if you were on the other side trying to buy x product, what would make that product worth your time and be something that will have you tossing and turning at night if you didn’t buy it or if you missed that exclusive special that was offered if you got in early.

These are the crucial steps you MUST have and you cannot go past these simple MLM Success tips. They are crucial to any business online and will you will have the advantage over the average person that pitches on Facebook why “THEIR” company is the best. Be different.

Cesar Tapia